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    i must have them all
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    You suck. Now, I want a puppy… but I can’t have one… Meanie…
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**WARNING** content may offend and varies from jokes, to gore, to fantasy forceful porn. browse my archive before you follow me. i post whatever is catching my attention mostly men and macabre.

**DISCLAIMER** NSFW, NO MINORS, 18-21+ as per your jurisdiction. no minors on pics and videos will be posted and no minors may follow..............

**I CLAIM NO RIGHTS TO VIDS OR PICS POSTED** some are mine or of me, and will be noted as such. everything else on here is from public domains and re-bloged from friends. if something is being used without your permission, just let me know and it's gone. I put in an invite under pics and vids i re-blog to let folks know they are welcome to visit and follow my blog, in no way does that mean i claim copy rights of said images or videos........

**Me** gay, thirties, hisp/wht, 5'10", 160, br, br, 7thick uncut, vers, work in health care and i have two dogs. no kids not married, live in Tucson, Arizona. My sarcasm and cynicism overflow sometimes, i'm sorry about that and, please don't take offense. I'm not a big fan of photoshopped pictures or studio porn, but there are exceptions. Kind feedback and questions are great.

*** you can see pictures of me pics at: /658380/ or type in "me" into my search engine and take a look.

***my back up blog:

***JUST*THE*PORN, it's still a work in progress, pls visit and follow. if i'm not here, i'm there..


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